Modern Life.

An Interesting illustration I had come across on Rayboy's blog on how our life has become. Sadly we all do it without realizing it. 

One of the reasons why I have started giving everyone a hard time especially at the dinner table to ensure and keep it a "gadget free" zone!

Here's hoping we all make an earnest effort in getting some gadget free chill time this weekend. Make the best of it. 
Your options are endless: 

 Get some work out and fun time by rock climbing at Marina Crescent
Test your pistol skills @ the Shooting Range (Hunting & Equestrian club)
Get some dirt on with a fun Paint ball session at Aqua park
Do some fun go Karting at Pro Kart on the 6th ring road
 Catch up for breakfast with your Besties 
Go Bowling at cozmos
Get that much needed adrenaline rush with Bunjee Jumping at the Shaab park (Thrill alert: I have done it and it was the best 5 Kd i spent) 
When was the last time you packed a picnic basket and went to Entertainment City?  True the place hasnt kept up, but its still worth a weekend visit!

Have a good one all

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