Weekend Fire.

What do you get when you put firecrackers plus a car engine plus a bunch of unsupervised stupid kids with a definition of weekend fun that is possibly the closest to vandalism... ANSWER: a sporadic wildfire on a car in a residential building!

Pictured above is the wanet that caught fire which ironically was a fire department wanet. Cause of fire as per a witness ..a kid who decided to throw a fire cracker on the car front end ...y? well to put it politely, lets just assume he is either simply demented or has serious thrill issues.

Fire engines managed to come on time and put it out with some post analysis in place as pictured below.

what happened to the culprit responsible for the crime...zilch! why... well i guess because he is a kid and it can be condoned on such ground.

where are the parents of such kids? beats me...since parents of such kids are toopreoccupied to be bothered about about their own kids jeaporodizing other people safety and probably too busy making more babies.. since parenting to them equates to that!

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