Weekend food review. Ryoog.

Sometimes fresh OJ, fresh jam with butter spread on toast at the backdrop of fresh crisp warm air and soft cotton candy fleeting clouds can spelling nothing short of sheer bliss... oh well who am i kidding.. that combo almost always equates to that. Before I get too mushed up with my words, ill let the food do the talking. 

The ladies and I decided to get some morning goodness during the eid time out and we ensured we enjoyed it during the day time (when the sun a tad bit kinder) in the outdoors. we headed to one of the best breakfast places (in my opinion) "Ryoog" located just opposite the ABHA residential complex in shaab.

We kept our orders simple for a gang of three, 1american bfast ( 1 waffle,2 fried eggs, 1 hashbrown, 1 american coffee, 1 OJ,) and 1 stuffed omlette with an additional order of OJ and american coffee. All this came with a bread basket along with some butter and 3 little palettes fruit jams (to die for).

The Good:  the american breakfast is needless to say well endowed both in terms of quantity and value for money. we easily split it half way smack in the middle among the 2 of us. The menu says scrambled eggs and pancakes come with tje english breakfast  but we decided to switch it up with waffles & fried eggs which they gladly n quite flexibly obliged to. The bread basket is fresh, filling and worth the penny you are paying for. 

The endearing thing about this place is their choice of utensils with authentic aesthetic appeal. OJ is served in a jam jar sort of glass which somehow adds to the looks and yum factor of the drink.

The affordable: our total damages came to about KD 11.4 for 1 breakfast meal and 1 breakfast item. The trick with such places is to always play it safe..order one thing and just aim to share it. its always best to order less and enjoy something and then order more if it to guage the portion size and at the same time enjoy such fancy places with burning a hole in your purse.

 Ryoog is quite eady to locate.. take the gulf road, enter through the first shaab exit, pass shalaweet the shawerma place , then take first right, continue straight till you notice @Abha residential complex to your right. 

Enjoy this one soon.

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