What Kuwait gave you. Take 16.

A reader sent the following and hence the series continues!: )
Special shoutout to Shatha! Thanks for letting us in on your gratitude count.

Name:: Shatha
Age: 40
Occupation: Researcher
Nationality: Arab

This came for you: Kuwait gave me:

1.Chance to pursuit my dream ( as government generously offers various scholarships).

So, I got 2 scholarships to schools I have chosen ( one for masters another for PhD)

2. Feeling safe

3. Free education

4. Free health care and social security ( many Arabic countries don’t have a social security system)

5. I know the above might be materialistic ( except no.2), but Kuwait above all gave me courage, right to reclaim my pride as an Arab, democracy, and freedom to speak my mind and know that I will sleep on my bed that night rather than in prison.

Kuwait of the 60s,70s,80s gave us more than we could dream of. Those were the golden ages. I was blessed to be born in the 79s & be a teenager in the 80s when Kuwait was an advancing country honoring its citizens.

The free education was superb, TV was entertaining in spite of its young age. Plays in theatre were classy, educational, not commercial but rather delivered a message to kids. Local Parks were fun to visit and attend the concerts.

Kuwait gave me a great childhood, fond memories, opportunity To pursuit my dream, Equipped me with good education, helped broadening my knowledge ( we had many local libraries then), and above all gave me a home were I feel safe and sound.

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