Feel good movies.

Good things should never be put off! the sooner the better right! So when i managed to watch 2really good feel good movies, I couldnt resist suggesting it as an immediate midweek watch rather than wait till the weekend. And since these days, movies are one such mediums that remind us about certain unforgotten elements of our lives, it only made sense to do this post ASAP.

Both the movie picks are in hindi but even if you dont understand the language I suggest you go watch it, with subtitles these days its barely a challenge to follow it.
English vinglish

Movie backdrop: A simple indian housewife who takes the little pleasures of serving her family everday and her journey to learn basic english on her trip to new york in an effort to deal with the belittling comments of her daughter and husband.

A very simple must watch movie as per Zee Cinema's movie review because:
  • It gives a peek into the feelings of those who are not good at reading and writing the language and find themselves becoming a subject of disdain and jibe whether at home or in public.
  • It is a crash course on mannerisms for all those ‘refined’ husbands and children out there who believe that the woman of the house is only worth taking nonsense;
  • The film is all about dedication towards one’s aims and a relentless pursuit towards your dream, come what may.

English vinglish

Movie backdrop: A deaf and dumb happy go luncky guy always upto mischief, falling in love with an autistic girl and loving her unconditionally till the end of his time. 

A simple movie yet again, because:
  • It serves as a reminder on the little pleasures of life and how we often discount them, scratch that, how we always discount them.
  • Love is rare and to feel it yu need not be vocal in conventional ways, actions speak louder than words.
  • Not everything in life needs to be orchestrated or formulated. Certain things are overrided by your sense of belief and it simply surpasses societal norms that are to small to matter.

Simplicity seems to be making a come back and rightfully so!

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