In other news..Any one missing their delicates?

Strange sighthing while being out and about last week amidst the crazy days..and something to surely stop you out of sheer random bewilderment and a tad bit embarassment..anywho so just the other day parked into a residential building where i noticed a lady's bra in all its lacy fuschia glory , Just hanging there at an oddly hour , location and timing.

Question is how and what was it doing there in broad day light in its bare minimum..? Well I drew up 2 scenarios whilst taking a quick shot of it without actually getting out of the car ofcourse to avoid anyone thinking me doing it on purpose for a cheap shot at a blog post inspiration !

a. Someone must have given it out for drying without actually using a cloth peg, allowing the wind to kind of blow it away or

b. Some one put it out on purpose as a cheap mindless joke
c. Other questionable scenarios / reasons.

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