Hey Tomorrow..

You know that spot outside of the circle ..just a little beyond the edge of the known..yea you probably got it right. The spot that starts just as you step out of your known territory. Well the wise ones call it stepping out of the comfort zone.

I was made familiar with the idea of making it a norm from day to day activities to ensure a more fulfilling  balance.  

Much of 2012 started off with the mere effort to make this the core objective through strategic means and norms. Translation: meet new people, push beyond the generic paradigms at the bread and butter making station,explore and undertake a level of risk with revisiting the past and make peace with it,understanding and truly accepting friends for who they are and their circumstrances and beliefs, learn a new language, establish some calculated long term decisions and did I mention travel ..! 

Simulataneous to the above and after much contemplation, yours truly finally decided to terminate all further contemplation on travel plans and take it up a notch..by just doing the obvious..." winging it" with that much needed hiatus. It made sense ..because if stepping out of the zone equated to finding fulfillment and happiness and if happiness was a journey and not a destination, it seemed as though travelling was a common variable in both the scenarios.

All this narrowed down to 2 immediate destinations Italy and India. Although it may much seem like a much calculated plan to hone my own version of Elizabeth Gilberts journey, it was rather much more of a coincidence.

However, now having been through 2 of the 3 spots on Liz's best selling itinary, it would only make sense to do my own rendition of the journey of Eating, praying and loving.

The best part about going to Italy.

I dont think I could have picked a better time to go to Italy even if I planned it. Its funny how spontaneity sometimes can ensure you get things right narrowed down smack to the very minute detail.

My trip managed to somehow take place just after the peak tourist season and just before the start of the ruthless winter and floods. Hello Mid October.Post a 2 week wait at visa application wait, I was in Milan for a 10 day trip. The plan was simple..do 2 cities ( Milan and Venice) and do it well regardless of people trying to coax you into packing as much as possible.

For a person who lives well in her head most of the time, it doesent require much to do the math. All that is needed is a street side cafe in the middle of a local neighbourhood,a good pair of walking shoes, a book and an attitude to zone out at timely intervals. 

  Favourite places to be in Milan 
Corso Beunos Aires
Gallerio Vitorio Emanuelle II

  Few moments captured on the lens 

Whats cooking in the Turkish airline kitchen

Therapeutic bliss ( perhaps crossing Iraqi waters at this point)
Everyone needs one..My drug of choice to get thru the 6 hour flight anxiety
En Route to hotel via Milan Centra Station
Checking into one of the most centrally located hotels (  Crowne plaza via melchiorre gioia) with beautiful room paintaings  
With the entire evening left post landing we took off to exploring the neighbourhood

Best place for shopping or window shopping , Corso Beunos Aires, literally lived on that street everyday of the trip
Corso venezia flea market

Early dinner ( There's something else about the bruchette there)

Calling it a night for Day 1

More on way...Keep reading :)

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