I heart Milano.

Our day when in Milan would start out as early as 9am where we would venture out the hotel to a neighborhood bakery where they serve coffee and croissant ( Pretty much our breakfast every other day without feeling guilty especially since we had to do 10-15 k worth of walks around the city).

Armed with Italian lingo skills of a 4 year old we would get by in making our daily morning orders.

Side Note: Given the lack of research done before heading there I wasnt aware of much but had heard that the locals dont speak much english with the exception of a few. This is true..however most locals are very accomodative and will appreciate every bit of effort you make to speak Italian.

Will leave you to enjoy some more shots from Milan and Venice..

View from the gym on the hotel terrace post early morning workout..

Our favourite breakfast spot at the bakery cafe adjacent to the hotel ..theres something about enjoying your morning cuppa while watching people go about their busy lives..Priceless experience

Divine intervention : Nutella Waffle :)

Bread, bread and more bread deslishness..so much to choose from ..yet you see absolutely fit skinny people around the city..Secret..:  Everyone walks off every distance, errand etc..if only Kuwait were that pedestrian friendly :(

Walk through Corso Buenos Aires and you notice some of the lovely buildings with their age old architecture and character..they have a soul of their own by themselves.

Street markets are a given almost every Sunday post the Sunday mass, with the exception of a few vendors almost all vendors do sell local items..my recommendation as the best spot to buy vera pelle ( leather) goods..be it trendy purses, mens shoes, accessories etc before you hit the high end boutiques.

Food vendors are absolutely heavenly. Another item that you wnat to pick up from the street market is bakery items like local made bakery biscotis, bread etc. Simply delish. Price damage is very pocket friendly as well.  

Couldnt get enough of the structured buildings in Corso Buenos Aires

We noticed this guy literally trying to fork out a piece of a french fry from the gutter opening..spent about 10 mintues till he finally managed to get it. Yes he had an audience of 5 people just waiting to see if he ended up getting it. Those are the little luxuries of a holiday.. you get to pause more and see more :)


Street Art props ( not real people) in Piazza Duomo

2 of the best things about Italy.. their Pasta and their Gelato and their pizza too..so make that 3..No one and I repeat absolutely no one can replicate the authencity of the taste that you get to expereince there.
 Street Shopping was addictive
One of the best places to sit during lunch time and see life pass you by along with business going about their busy process through the day is the restaurent centre at Gallerio Vittorio Emanuelle II, an order of Buffalo cheese salad along with some apple spritzer and you are set for the afternoon

  A vision from afar.. Duomo..standing tall at its magnificence, this structure took about 600 years or so to build where artists from across Europe were sought to contribute creatively to its happening. Uplose at the cathedral, I was in awe of its brilliant structure..almost felt like it was a living structure by itself. Breathtakingly magnificent.
Interesting snack you will notice around October time around the city is the Walnut that is steam fried to be eaten as a snack.

Edible Shoe shaped chocolate goodness

Not real...just street art props :)

Yes.. I confess I was obessesed with the Duomo..capturing its brilliance from every given angle

Inside the brillian Duomo

Entrance of Gallerio Vittorio Emanuelle II. This place was Milan's 16th centurary rendition of a Business men's diwaniya..so ahead of their times, the location houses the famous high end fashion brands and some of the oldest bar cafes.

Street performers are regular sources of entertainment at Piazza Duomo during the weekends ( Saturday and Sunday)which draws several visitors around Europe and Italy.  

Towards the end of our trip we decided to treat ourselves to a match at the ultimate San Ciro stadium for a match between Inter Milan vs FK Partizan, seated only about 200 meters away from the ground ( courtesy of the cousin who surprised us with tickets delivered to the hotel)

So now I can officially vouch for the fact that Watching a game live can never be summed up as an experience of watching a game on the tele.

More to come.. :)

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