5 Unconventional ways to be cool during this summer.

We may have gotten a tad bit lucky this year with the extra days of cooler pleasant weather..but with Summer temperatures slowly creeping in around the corner, Im sure we'll be scouting for ways to cool off relentlessly.

You'd think that (for most of us at least) after all these years we would have gotten used to or at least found means of making our peace with the soaring temperatures.. but then again who has the time and effort to get used to it..Especially when we are so much more invested in contributing to the fueling evolution of the climate change.

Anywho, if you cannot change the weather, change how you react to it and be cool this summer. I’m not referring to heading to the nearest bakala and helping yourself to a rocket ice-cream (if they are still available that is) or sunkist every time you feel that sweat trickling down your back ( I know..gross alert) ..but doing things a little differently by which you'd feel extra cooler.. Intrinsically.

Now now...before you roll your eyes..just think about the following 5 random acts which you could do on a hot day out..and feel the results for yourself..

1. At the pedestrian crossing, whether it be at the rushed one at the Sheraton round about or even in your local neighborhood, as you see people waiting to cross just stop. Yes you may be delayed by a few minutes..but remember you still are in the comfort of your car better off.. while they are outside in the heat. A little bit of consideration goes a long way.  Bonus points:  hit the hazards as you approach the crossing and ensure other cars replicate as well.

2. Buy an extra bottle of water the next time you stop at the bakala / super market for a quick drink. As you walk out, you are definitely going to come across a cleaner / worker out in the street or even the security guard at your office building or the guy who sits at the parking lot that could use that bottle of water as much as you do. Can you imagine that relief and smile on his face J Bonus points :  If you notice a construction site close by, pick up a carton of water for the site workers and just drop it as you drive by. Water doesn’t cost a million but you’ll definitely feel like a million bucks once you do this.

3. Angry drivers, people swearing off at each other and horns blaring for no rhyme or reason. A little all too familiar right..well this is a scenario on any given day during peak traffic hours in Kuwait…add the heat element to the equation and you have a herd of crazy road maniacs. Here’s how you can set yourself apart. Stuck in a Jam..be patient, give way to the next person who possibly may be trying to overtake you. Bonus points: remember to do all this while having a smile on your face and being calm.

4. For those of you that somehow just are not able to make it to the Friday prayers for reasons best known to them (no judgments made J ), just pass by any of the neighborhood mosques during the Friday prayers and notice the amount of folks that may be praying outside the mosque due to space constraints. Surprise them with your own personal laban distribution as they exit post prayers. Bonus points:  You don’t have to be a Muslim to do this. It’s the gesture that is of essence here. So why not be the refreshing change.

5. Remember to be patient..now..right this minute while you may be reading this, while waiting at the groceries cue at the store, while waiting for the oula guy to fill your gas tank or simply while you’re going about your day to day activities. It will go a long way..more so in the summer months.

Be cool all. 


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