10 things that will never go out of style. Period.

Call me old school, a 90 year old wisecrack trapped in the thought paradigm of a 40 year old saturated soul perhaps stuck in a 20 something body (one of which I have been tagged as btw) or even a sorry lost heart holding onto the well discounted traditional norms of the yester years, but the idea of certain behavioral patterns embedded within the human race over a cumulative period of time continues to be of paramount essence to me. The mere presence of these norms continue to orchestrate the very belief system that made the generations of yesterday, today and will continue to do so as the years go by.

Hence my notion on why they will never go out of style. You, as a random reader may have your own set to replace the below. And may be if I’m lucky, I could hear some of these as well ( provided you choose to share it with yours truly). Psst..here are my 10 that I know will never go out of style
 1.  A woman’s maternal instinctive nature towards her kids. The next time you are out and about in a mall, grocery store, bank or across the street, look around you to see how many women are actually holding on to their kids affectionately as opposed to just yanking them or letting the hired help do the needful. The same goes with a father as well. 

2.  Chivalrous men

3.  The youth being respectful and courteous to older folks and women

4.  Being unconditionally nice to a random nobody

5.  Saying “ please” , “thank you” and “ sorry”

6.  Not littering and picking up after your own mess

7.  Being humble, regardless of your glorified badges
8.  Offering a seat to an expecting mom / senior person

9.  Being goofy with friends no matter what and not worrying about being judged

10. Choosing to spend weekend time with your folks for a change

What’s your 10?

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