I heart Venice.

2 years ago, out of a random unorchestrated whim I decided to make use of the gazillion complimentary notebooks as a result of my beneficiary status through different corporate giveaway schemes. The idea was to transform it into the clich├ęd log book of the things / places I wished intended to do / see before hitting the bucket 30 ( at a later point I shall come clean on the logic of those revisions). I’m sure everyone understands the kind of thought process involved in building such lists..you see something you aspire to do or experience and you imagine that someday you can reach that / remotely come close to it. So when I decided to attach a half hearted news paper cut out of the places I would like to visit, Venice seemed like the least likely of them all. Why? Well I know no one there and It seemed too beautiful to be true to visit.. I hear you..wouldnt that be the basis of its appeal and reason of it being on that list. Yes. Hence fast forward a year and half, an urge for a fresh sabbatical and spontaneity, much needed leave hours to be used and a new acquaintance, I find myself there.

No preconceived notion, travel logue from magazines or imaginations prepared me for the picturesque unbelievable splendor of Venice. I still pinch myself to believe that I was actually there sitting on the gondola basking in the fresh crisp air of the Venice sun. Perhaps that is the person in me who never imagined materializing on the pleasures of life that were envisioned through the eyes of a 10 year old on lazy Friday afternoons. Sweet dreams are made of this J  

If you have managed to read my mid evening ramblings then it is safe to assume 2 things, One that you are probably one of the few readers that still wonder on what I ramble about on this space and come back to read it (bless you for that J ) and two that I have at least managed to grab your attention for a bit. Either ways it is a win - win scenario given my MIA status on the blog.

Have I missed my time away from this space. Most definetly YES!
Do I have a good reason for my absence.. HELL yea! ( more on that soon). For now I have decided to take off from where I left off my attempts to document my memorable experience in Italy with the last stop at Venice for a day. I may never be able to do justice to it..but Ill let the pictures speak for themselves.

We deciced to to take the earliest train out of venice at 730 during the wee hours. The good thing was the train station was just 2 streets away from our hotel. NOTE: the train service is an absolute delight. punctual, clean, well spaced and has wifi.True comfort travel.

 The train ride was nothing short of a flash reel of the simple beauties on a morning n Italy. Sunrise through the vineyards, fresh fields, homes in the country side endowed with trees of fresh produce. simply divine.

 Our tour guide Sarah Ceri( bless her heart) was an absolute trooper. This is one lady that has a true passion for her Job. Despite being a mother of 2 beautiful little kids she works full time and juggles so much. to add to that she invests so much of time for research for her clients. We were esctatic when she decided to accompany us on the trip not only because of the convenience factor of knowing the tour guide, but also given that she is so nice to be around and we had become good friends during our stay there.

The breath taking sight we got to feast our eyes on at the station post a 1.5 hour train ride.

 Did I mention the persistent pinching my self throughout my day at Venice..


 Ladies and Gents, Players and pimps.. please meet the most amazing, absolutely delish pizza on earth..I call it a slice from heaven ;) 

The locks have been placed by different visiting couples to the site as part of a superstition that symobolizes locking your love till eternity. 

 Piazza S. Marco was flooded knee length the following week. Hard to believe how beautiful the weather was while we were there.

 Armoured with some snacks and a drink, we were scheduled to head back to Milan end of the day.  


 The buzzing grand central stations as we touch base Milan. Next stop..dinner at Corson Buenos Aires.

 As we enter our rooms at the Hotel, we are surprised to see tickets to next day's game ( Inter VS FK Partizan) waiting for us. ( courtesy of my dear cousin). More on that in the upcoming post.


  1. Good to have you back! :) Venice has never been on my list of must-see-places, but I enjoyed reading your narrative. Glad you got to see it! Loved your pix, especially the ones of the gondoliers in action! Very well-captured.

  2. Thanks Z! I hope my narrative would allow you to consider a revision of your list.The Gondoliers are simply a treat :) I would recommend Venice as an ideal location for a photowalk.